Social Media Marketing

Are you taking advantage of the power of Social Media?

We help businesses like yours generate new enquiries through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4.5 Billion people use Social Media. Is your business?

With 3.8 billion people using social media, there’s never been a better time to promote your business online. If you haven’t got the time or know how, we can help you get serious results.

Social media is a fantastic way for you to promote your business. With a bit of time and effort, you can easily create branding, exposure, enhance your business’ reputation and ultimately attract new enquiries and new customers. To get amazing results, it does take a little bit of time and consistency, but it’s definitely worth it. If you haven’t got the time to commit to social media or if you aren’t really sure what to do, we can help you. By hiring us to do your social media, your business can still take full advantage and generate new enquiries.

The benefits of promoting your business on social media

In just 2 months of working with us, one of our client’s Facebook posts reached over 17,000 people and they received 13 messages asking them for quotations. Here’s how it can help your business:

Branding & Exposure

You can easily promote your business, your brand, your products and services to thousands of people

Build Your Reputation

Social media is a fantastic way to generate positive reviews and recommendations from your happy customers

Attract Incoming Enquiries

Your potential customers can contact you directly with enquiries for your products and services. People are talking less and DM’ing (direct messaging) more!


Target Your Local Area

You can target geographical locations with your social media marketing, ensuring you hit potential customers in your target areas.


Social media is a fantastic way to get the conversation going with your potential customers. You answer questions and provide advice that will turn browsers into customers.

Show Off Your Work

A picture paints a thousand words! You can instantly show off your work on social media and target hashtags to hit people that want to see what you do.

Frequently Asked Questions for Social Media

Got a question about our social media management service? Take a look below to see if we’ve answered it or please get in touch. 

No, not if you don’t want to.  You can be involved as much or as little as you want to be. We can take care of everything for you and you can tell us how you would like to deal with your incoming enquiries, i.e we can get their contact number so you can call them or we can ask them to phone or email you directly.

That doesn’t matter, we can use professional, relevant stock images from our massive collection and we are very creative with the content we’ll post for your business.  We will use your images once you start to take them and we can even take images ourselves of your work, showroom, products, services, staff, vehicles etc.

We’ll agree how you would like us to deal with incoming enquiries. Some of our clients respond directly themselves, some of our clients ask us to get contact details and email or text enquiries through to them. Other clients of ours ask us to reply, asking the potential client to phone or email directly.  We’ll do whatever works best for you.

We are happy for you to take over your social media and will hand over all logins, passwords and provide any help you need to get going.  If you would like us to manage your social media for you, we ask for an initial 3 months contract (which gives us enough time to really make a difference for you) and then it’s a rolling month to month contract with a months notice, so you have the flexibility to take over at any time.

As much or as little as you want to.  Some of our clients simply don’t have the time or the will to be on social media, so they leave absolutely everything to us and we just get in contact with incoming enquiries.

Yes, of course.  You can post whatever you like when you like. We’re working with you as part of your team and can share your posts so they reach thousands of people.

With advertising and marketing, there’s never any guarantees (unfortunately) and you should be wary if anyone makes any guarantees. The great thing about social media marketing though, is that we can show you the results we get for you. How many people are seeing your posts, how many people are responding and how many people are contacting you directly through social media.

We have affordable options based on how much time each week you would like us to dedicate to your social media.  Call us on 01883 626667 to discuss which option would be the best for you. 

Thinking about working with us?

We would love to hear about your business and see if we could help you with our services.