Will I be able to update my website?

Yes. You’ll have a login so you can access your website and make changes such

What is hosting?

A host is the storage unit where your website content lives online.  If you think

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your digital address that people will use to access your site.

What if I don’t have social media accounts?

That’s fine, you do not have to have social media accounts to have a website.

What are the on-going costs of a website?

We don’t charge any on-going costs for the sites we design.  You’ll have to renew

Can I use my gmail / hotmail / outlook email account?

Yes of course. We would always suggest a professional email address, i.e yourname@yourwebsiteaddress.co.uk but if

How much input do you need from me?

As much or as little input as you want to give us.  Some of our

What do I need to have a website?

You’ll need a domain name (www.yourcompanyname.co.uk), hosting (the storage unit where your website content lives

How quickly can you design my website?

We’ll usually have your website live within 2-4 weeks as long as you are quick