My logo is on a block of colour and looks like a bad cut a...

Yes, we can re-create your logo on a transparent background so you can stick it

I’ve got an old logo, can you modernise it?

Yes. If you send it over we can take a look and make some suggestions.

I’ve drawn a rough sketch of what I want my logo to look...

Yes, we can take your sketch and professionally design your logo in a high resolution

Do I need full branding or just a logo?

Let’s have a chat and find out. A logo is only one element of a brand.

Can you make my logo fit as a social media profile picture...

Square shaped logos work well with social media profile pictures as they are circular shaped

Why is my current logo blurry?

If you cannot print your logo or expand it without it going blurry, it’s because

Can you help me if I have no idea about how I want my logo...

Yes, one of our expert designers will be able to help you. It can be