If you are wondering whether your small business needs a website, here are 9 reasons why it would benefit your business.

1. Your website is always open

Your website is open and represents your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.  If you’re not available for your customers or potential new customers to contact, your website will be live and could help answer their query.

2. 97% Of consumers check a company’s online presence before deciding to visit them

If you don’t have a website or if you have an old website, that doesn’t work properly on mobile phones, this could be putting your potential customers off.  A fantastic looking, user friendly website will create a great first impression and help you to win the business, instead of one of your competitors.

3. 46% Of Google searches are for local businesses

There are 7 billion searches a day on Google.  New potential local customers are searching for the products and services you offer – you need to show them what they are looking for to turn them into your customers. Otherwise they will go to a competitor instead.

4. A website allows you to communicate to your customers

Your website can show off you and your business’ personality. You can demonstrate your expertise, show your qualifications, provide information about the products and services you offer and answer frequently asked questions.

5. You can show off your customer reviews

91% Of consumers aged 18-34 trust a business with positive reviews.  You can post as many customer reviews as you like on your website, which will help create a positive impression of your company. You can also post the best reviews that have been left on Google and Facebook for your business.

6. Your website is a sales tool

You can of course sell your products and services directly on your website, but even if you do not sell online, your website represents you and your business. A website that’s user friendly, looks good and has the information your potential new customers are looking for will help you to get the business over your competitors.

7. A website creates trust and looks professional

Having a website with your full contact details helps to put your potential customers at ease. Even if they have been recommended to you via word of mouth, they will still want to check you out online.

8. You can show off your work

A picture paints a thousand words! You can keep your website up to date with your latest projects and photos of your work, which again, will help you to attract new customers.

9. Your website provides potential customers with the way they want to contact you

Not everyone is the same. Some people will want to call you, some will want to email and some will want to contact you via social media.  Your website can contain every way that it’s possible for a customer to get in touch and your potential customer can use the method that they’re comfortable with.

If you would like a new website for your business, please get in touch on 01883 626667 or email hello@nine8ninedesign.co.uk and we will help your business to smash the 9 benefits above!