Feedback from St Peter’s Brighton

Posted on: February 24th, 2016

It’s always great to hear positive feedback and we really appreciate our client’s taking the time to tell us that we’re doing a good job!


Here’s a recent email we received…


“We used to source our print locally from a high quality printers, for ease, local support, and in case something went wrong, we could work with that printer to find a solution. It was a difficult decision to move our business to Nine 8 Nine, but we have been using them for our print work for nearly a year. They have managed to save us on all print jobs whether large brochures or small flyers. They have made us these savings but maintained the quality we look for in our print. The financial savings to our church have been significant, but what impressed me the most is the level of service we get. I feel like they don’t rest until the print job is on my desk and they have checked I’m happy with it.”

Jon Harley, Operations Manager, St Peter’s Brighton


Photo of St Peter's Brighton (Church)

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