Gold Foil Business Cards

Posted on: August 20th, 2015

We do a lot of foil printing here at Nine 8 Nine Design & Print, and these business cards were printed for our client on colorplan card.


The rough material, combined with sharp gold foil lines, certainly make for a unique business card!


Gold Foil Business Cards Printing

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Ever wondered how foil printing is achieved?

Posted on: November 20th, 2014

Silver & gold foil printing adds an element of sophistication to any printed item.


As well as silver and gold metallic, a wide range of colours and effects are available to provide a variety of finishes; marble, leather, wood, snakeskin and more!


How is foil printing achieved? 


Foil stamping/ hot stamping is accomplished using a metal plate (like the one below), which has been engraved with an image of the desired design.

The plate strikes a roll of foil film, which causes the foil to adhere to the plate.  The metal plate then strikes the area of material to be imprinted, with the foil transferred due to a combination of heat and pressure – leaving a highly reflective image with a bright and dense metallic appearance.


Metal plate used for silver foil printing by Nine 8 Nine Design & Print Ltd, for our London based client.


Silver, gold & coloured foils can be used for logos, accents surrounding logos, borders or highlights around images & elegant accents.

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Gold Foil

Posted on: July 2nd, 2014

With a couple of recent blog posts showing some of our silver foil printing, we thought we had better show some of our gold foil printing also.


These leaflets were actually printed in 2 formats for our London based client, one with gold ink, and one with gold foil.  The gold foil printed leaflets really did look spectacular next to the standard gold foil leaflets.  Although it’s more expensive to use gold foil, we do recommend it when you really want to create an impact.


These leaflets were used to promote an event for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


Gold Foil Printing by Nine 8 Nine Design & Print


A5 Gold foil printed leaflets designed & printed by Nine 8 Nine Design & Print Ltd.

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