Feedback from St Peter’s Brighton

Posted on: February 24th, 2016

It’s always great to hear positive feedback and we really appreciate our client’s taking the time to tell us that we’re doing a good job!


Here’s a recent email we received…


“We used to source our print locally from a high quality printers, for ease, local support, and in case something went wrong, we could work with that printer to find a solution. It was a difficult decision to move our business to Nine 8 Nine, but we have been using them for our print work for nearly a year. They have managed to save us on all print jobs whether large brochures or small flyers. They have made us these savings but maintained the quality we look for in our print. The financial savings to our church have been significant, but what impressed me the most is the level of service we get. I feel like they don’t rest until the print job is on my desk and they have checked I’m happy with it.”

Jon Harley, Operations Manager, St Peter’s Brighton


Photo of St Peter's Brighton (Church)

If you like what St Peter’s Brighton had to say about us, and would like to discuss your design &/or print requirements, please contact us on 01883 626667

Digital Wallpaper Printed & Fitted

Posted on: January 6th, 2016

We received these images from our very happy client, just after we had left one of their offices!


We printed and fitted this digital wallpaper, using a low tac adhesive.  We supplied and fitted these in various UK offices.


Image of digital wallpaper on an office wall.  The digital wallpaper was printed and fitted by Nine 8 Nine Design & Print Digital wallpaper fitted on an office wall.  The print and fitting was done by Nine 8 Nine Design & Print


We love these types of jobs, and leaving our clients with great looking office’s.  Contact us on 01883 626667 to discuss digital wallpaper or branding for your office.

Client Feedback!

Posted on: January 15th, 2015

We could talk about our brilliant service, fantastic quality and rarely beaten prices all day, but it’s better when our client’s do it for us…


“Before using Nine 8 Nine, we used to spend a huge amount of time on our printing – sourcing suppliers, obtaining samples, and negotiating prices.



Nine 8 nine have cut this time out as they can supply anything we need, printed to exceptional quality, in keeping with our brand, and at the most competitive price.


Our branded umbrellas, luxury notebooks, company handbooks, and other items look fantastic!


We’ve also been set up with a personalised online ordering system, so we can re-order quickly and easily.


Nine 8 Nine have really streamlined our printing – saving us time and money. I would definitely recommend them.”


Ben Broughton, Director, Premier Group

Branded notebook by Nine 8 Nine Design & Print

We’ve been getting a lot of enquiries recently about our luxury branded notebooks.

If you would like a quote – please call 01883 626667.